Sep 162014

Kate noticed the trucks unloading next door when she went out for the mail. She flipped through a doctor’s bill, a movie, and a card from Brian’s mother. She picked up a box that was on the porch and headed inside, surveying the envelopes as she went.

“We’ve got new neighbors. I checked the mail. You got a card from your mother. Hey, do you want to keep getting these movies in the mail or just order a different package through our cable people?” Her husband, Brian, turned the cooking fan off.

“What? I can’t hear a thing you’re saying over this whirling” Brian pointed upwards, as if the sound was coming from God and not the hood of the stove. Kate grinned and just shook her head. She and Brian were married for six years. He loved cooking. She loved being cooked for.

“Nothing,” she laughed.

Kate dropped the box off on the table. She took the movie and sat it near the DVD player and the bill on the desk. She left the card in the kitchen for Brian to open. Kate took out a box cutter from the junk drawer and drew it across the clear tape that held the box closed. Inside was a sex toy and a book.

“Is that something for you to review?” Brian looked back over his shoulder to her with a smile on his face. His voice was loud over the sizzling in the pan behind him. She frowned and tilted her head at the smoke. It was probably a good idea to turn that cooking fan back on again.

Kate glanced back down to the box and the book she was holding. The toy was from a reputable company. The rigors of a review would tell it’s secrets. The book would either be a good read or it wouldn’t. Easy enough.

“Yeah. It’s just work.” Kate was a sex blogger. She received sex toys from companies. She used them. She wrote about her experiences with the toy, and included an abundance of information about it. Kate put all of these experiences and knowledge out on the internet for people to read. Of course she used a moniker.

Kate used her blog to write about the kinky exploits she had with her husband. Brian was fine with it. He enjoyed participating in photos and flipped ideas towards her writing. Some posts leaked information about upcoming reviews she worked on. Some posts were strictly erotica. Her posts were automatically sent to Twitter, Facebook, and tumblr.. From there Google+, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and a few other media options.

She didn’t have an extortionate amount of fans. She was excited to have the fans she did. Some followers were happy to get a post update from Kate. Some had no idea she existed. She blogged for herself. If others found her amusing, wonderful. Kate was happy with her own little space on the internet.


A few tweets from Kate’s moniker were retweeted into Denny’s timeline. He started following Kate on Twitter. She reblogged some pictures from tumblr.. They excited him. A post from her blog came across his timeline. Denny fell in love with her blog. Kate wrote stories that touched him deeply. Denny really wanted to know more about her.

He subscribed to her blog. He read everything, new and old. He spent a few days rolling around in the ups and downs of Kate and Brian’s relationship. Part of loving them was realizing that he was alone. He didn’t know anyone that he could talk to about his feelings. He longed for the hands of another.

Kate and Brian were the only ones he fit in with. He wondered if they might feel the same way about him. He spent so much time getting to know them. He hoped they shared his excitement. He had so many questions for her, and Brian, too. He hoped she would be willing to answer them now that they were neighbors.

Wicked Wednesday

Jun 122014

When Empowered Products contacted me about their lubricants, I expected to hear about Gun Oil and Pink. Both were well known products, but neither one sat on my nightstand for regular use. I was excited to give them a try.

The company sent a sampler pack with all of the different products they carry. This was what really turned me into a kid in a candy shop. I emptied all the samples out onto the floor and began to open them one by one. I ran out of fingers. The Husband found me in the bedroom with lube all over my legs. Don’t get me wrong, he’s found me in odd predicaments before while reviewing toys, but the lube legs were a little odd for him.

I knew I had to include my favorite people in my lube leg adventure.

Alas, LubeFest was born!

I’m giving away:

A 3.3oz. of Pink, a 3.3oz. of Pink Water, a 4oz. Of Gun Oil H2O

3 sampler packs of the different lubricants that EP offers.

It’s a LubeFest. Join right in. :)

Contest ends June 26! US ONLY

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Oct 012013

Manufactured by Sportsheets, The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold comes in red and black. For my review, I went with the beautiful shade of red. While I don’t think that this blindfold is going to appeal to those hardcore, advanced BDSM players, it will do fine for beginners. It’s not going to hold up to extremely rough nights, and there may be some issues of keeping it on and in the right place. However, it’s perfectly suitable for those who are interested in trying something new in the bedroom.

HINT: When I first started out with blindfolds like these, I had major problems keeping them on. I parted my hair horizontally in the back, about mid-scalp. I then let it fall over the elastic. It’s a great way to keep the blindfold from riding up in the back and exposing your eyes.

Material, Size & Design

The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold is made of polyester. The two bands attached to it are made of thin elastic. From the top to the bottom, the blindfold measures about 3 inches. The blindfold measures a little over 7.5 inches wide. The two elastic strips measure 14 inches across when un-stretched. When I stretched them out to their fullest capacity, they measure at 35 inches.

Cleaning, Maintenance, Packaging & Storage
The Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold can be hand washed in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of gentle detergent. It can even be ironed at low temperatures. It came packaged in a small paper box with the words “Sex & Mischief” and “S&M” all over it. It also had a picture of a woman wearing the blindfold. I wouldn’t suggest this as suitable storage. It takes up too much space.

My Experience
I was able to see light through it, but everything was red-tinted. Due to the fact that the elastic bands are sewn so closely together at the middle of the side of the blindfold, there’s an extreme pull over your eyes. I wouldn’t recommend opening your eyes with the blindfold on. I could feel the material against my lashes, and it was slightly uncomfortable compared to higher quality blindfolds. This is easily resolved by keeping your eyes closed, but keep in mind that the blindfold does not sit firmly against your face in any areas except for over the eyes.
I pulled out the Sex and Mischief Satin Blindfold the other day and decided to use her as a sleep mask. When I woke up, that thing was choking the life out of me! Unfortunately, I obviously move around too much in my sleep.As a blindfold goes, she’s not the best in the world, and she’s not the first one that I’ll reach for. However, she’s not intimidating in the least, and that can be important if you’re trying to introduce someone to the lifestyle or even to the act of being blindfolded for the first time. So, I’ll keep her in my toy bag and hopefully find a use for her …someday.

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Jan 082013

Agreeable Agony hits another homerun, this time it’s in the area of sensation play. If you read my review of their rope, you’ll know I’m already a fan of this company.

So here’s the dirty. Agreeable Agony makes these wonderful Finger Claws. These little monsters are on certain level of evil. Sometimes the smallest things are. They are metal “rings” that adjust to fit around any finger size. From tip to base they are about 1 ¾. The end curves over the tip of your finger – just enough to be dangerous, or fun – depending on how you look at it. Agreeable Agony sells them individually at $10 each, but if you purchase 5 (one for each finger) then they’ll toss in a storage ring to put them on.

I like them for jewelry at a munch, especially if I know there’s going to be a play party afterwards. Mine fits perfectly over my ring finger. You can glide it slowly over any body part or you can take the more aggressive approach and dig into the flesh. The Claws leave wonderful marks. They remind me of something between a Wartenburg when and knife play.  They’re really great for marking up your prey for the night.

Antibacterial soap and warm water to clean these but make sure they are dried very well. Feel free to drop them in a small pot of boiling water, too. After all, if you’re using them on another person, you want to make sure they’re really clean.

These Claws bring a good bit of attention. People see you wearing one and they want to know what it is, so be prepared to share some information if you’re brave enough to wear one in public. Not to fear, they usually want to know where they can get one themselves. Feel free to point them this way. My new favorite company –  I can’t wait to see what else Agreeable Agony has going on.

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Jan 052013

Agreeable Agony. I would have reviewed anything except for toilet seats for a company with a name like that. Lucky for me, they don’t sell toilet seats. They sell rope, hitty things, these claws that are badass, and candles for wax play. God help my ADD, I’m going to try to focus on the rope. Now, I usually use jute. I like it. If you’ve ever used jute, you know it has to be broken in. It’s got some (a lot) of scratch and sting to it. A rope bunny had better be a bit of a lover of pain on your first meeting with jute. I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s still not completely broken in, and I’ve done suspensions, and more than numerous ties with it.

The first time Agreeable Agony’s rope touched my skin, it was like a fucking beach vacation. It’s so SOFT. It’s been a while since I’ve visited rope space (unless I was tied in it and hanging from something) – but feeling the softness of the strands slither over my flesh as it was being gently pulled through and over itself, wrapping around my body was like heaven. I’m pretty sure I made noises – the good kind.

I can’t talk enough about the colors. Prepare to be knocked on your ass. Vibrant doesn’t do them justice. Not to mention the choices that they have! I’m going to include all of that at the end of the review so I don’t blow your mind.

They have Multi Filament Polypropylene (MFP) and Nylon Bondage Rope. MFP is waterproof and resistant to most oils and lubricants. Unlike dyed ropes, it doesn’t bleed. It’s manufactured with colored fiber so that the color is REALLY vibrant. You can even toss it in the washing machine! Seriously. That’s an amazing feature because of all the fluids that we tend to get on our rope during… play, yeah… play.  They recently began offering a solid braid type of nylon bondage rope, and plan to offer other synthetic ropes in the future. All of their rope meets safety specifications set by The Cordage Institute. If you want more information on Agreeable Agony’s full specifications, you can find them here.

 The different types of rope they offer:

1/4″ Solid Braid Nylon:

Custom mixes (up to 3 colors braided together) are also available.

Black, Burgandy, Teal, Gold, Navy Blue, and White – with other colors coming soon! And it’s sold by the foot: 10, 15, 2, 30, 50, and 100 (the Teal, Gold, Navy Blue and White are 100 foot minimum.

Kinky Harry Potter School Kits:

Our 1/4″ MFP is available in pre-packaged kits of multi-colored rope, themed to match each of the respective houses from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Available in 3/8″ upon request.

Kits come in precut sets, each includes: 1 x 50′, 1 x 25′, 2 x 15′

Black, Aqua, Rose Pink, Jute, Green, Hot Pink, Tan/Beige, Red, Teal, Silver, Gold, Navy Blue, Purple, Brown, Hunter Green, Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow, Burgundy, and White … but they also include the Harry Potter House colors of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

5/16″ Solid Braid MFP:

This is a heavier, thicker grade MFP. It’s sold by the foot: 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 100.

Black, Red, Navy Blue, Purple, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, Aqua, Rose Pink, Jute, Green, Hot Pink, Tan/Beige, Red, Teal, Silver. The Aqua, Rose Pink, Jute, Green, Hot Pink, Tan/Beige, Red, Teal, and Silver are sold at a 100 foot minimum.

1/4″ Solid Braid MFP:

This is our lighter, thinner grade MFP. Custom mixes (up to 3 colors braided together) are also available. It’s sold by the foot: 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, and 100.

Black, Aqua, Green, Hot Pink, Red, Silver, Gold, Purple, Royal Blue, Burgundy, White, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, Rose Pink, Jute, Beige/Tan, and Teal. The Rose Pink, Jute, Beige/Tan, and Teal are sold at a 100 minimum.

Now I’m no rope expert, and neither is The Husband, but I’ve got a few pictures of some breast bondage that we did with some of Agreeable Agony’s  rope. They sent me four colors and by God, The Husband was determined to use every single one of them. He gets a little excited when it comes to the thought of my tits being tied up, and I LOVE rope marks! I hope y’all enjoy!

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Jan 032013

Bad Dragon. Need I say more? I shouldn’t have to, but I’m going to. They sent me the coolest looking Cole the Dane that I could have ever asked for. Opening a box from them is like Christmas.

Pink and black – two of my favorite colors. The suction cup base is black and the shaft is a beautiful pink. I went with a small with an 8 in firmness. In my David the Werewolf review I explained the three choices that you have when it comes to firmness, but I’ll touch on it again. 3, 5, and 8  – the scale that Bad Dragon uses to define how firm that their toys are. They also send you a disc of a different firmness other than the one that you ordered that will give you an idea as to how firm your next toy will be. Yes – I said “your next toy,” because I can’t imagine that you’ll want to own just one of these toys. They are so unique that owning just one is out of the question. I don’t even know how you’ll make the initial decision on which one to get first. Good luck.

Besides the firmness, you have a number of other decisions to make when it comes  to customizing your toy at Bad Dragon. I told you that this wouldn’t be an easy decision, right? Go crazy with it. Add a cumtube. Yes, I said cumtube. It will actually spit cum at you! There’s a tube that runs down the center of the toy and when used with a syringe it simulates cumming. Don’t fall over just yet. Its suction cup will stick to almost anything. I don’t doubt it will even stick to your forehead, but let’s not go that far because who wants to walk around looking like a unicorn.

The base is about 1.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches in circumference at its widest. The insertable length is 6 inches. You’ve got almost 3.5 inches above the knots and 2.5 inches from the knots to the base. The circumference of the knots is 6 ¼ and the circumference of the rest of the shaft comes in at about 4.5 inches but tapers at the very tip.

Although this is the most firm out of all that Bad Dragon offers, it still has a plushy give to it. Drag? Yes. These toys are made from quality silicone, so you’re going to need some lube. I’m going to recommend Bad Dragon’s Cumlube, although it does have parabens, so if you have issues with that, you might want to look into a more natural water-based lube.

Bad Dragon’s toys are very easy to clean and maintain as well. Although they pick up lint, pet hair and dust better than any vacuum that I’ve ever owned I use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean before and after each use, and I’ve never had a problem. You could always toss it in the dishwasher, too. Make sure there’s no soap in it and your toy is on the top rack!

While the shaft has no major texture, there are some veins on the shaft, but they can’t be felt while in use. Then there are the knots. Those can be felt during use. If you can’t make it past the knots, use it with a clitoral stimulator and work that sucker! I absolutely love how they make me feel nice and full. If you’re a size queen, these knots should be calling your name. Seriously, stop reading and order. Now. Go.

Bad Dragon makes quality toys that are unique and fills a niche in the sex toy market. They are also Made in the U.S.A.! I can see why people love them as much as I do. As soon as I open a box and see that piece of purple tissue paper, my heart starts beating a little faster. Even The Husband is interested in seeing what they send!

In this box, I also received a tiny surprise that I fell in LOVE with. I’ve named him “Lucky.” Base and all, he’s about 2 inches tall. I absolutely love him. He sits on the edge of my laptop and I play with him when I’m working. Who knew that a tiny penis would be so helpful?

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Jan 022013

Erotic Toy Town sent me the Divine Scintillation by California Exotics to take a look at and review. I’ll tell you right away that I like the small box that it comes in. The front of it opens like a book to reveal the toy covered by plastic. When you close it, it stays connected via a hidden magnetic strip. The box doesn’t scream “sex toy.” It just looks like a small massager.

When I pulled out the product, I was a little surprised at exactly how small it really was. The only massager that I own is the Hitachi, and that sucker is huge. I could beat someone to death with that thing, but it has enough power to cut my hedges with the right attachment. However, the Divine Scintillation is nice and petite, fitting my hand perfectly.

The body of the Scintillation measures about 5.5 inches long as it curves to fit nicely with your hand. At its largest, its circumference is about 3 ¾ and it gently slopes downwards from there as you move towards the end of the body or the swiveled piece, but not by much at all. The piece between the curved body and the head that allows for the head to swivel around is about .5 inches in length and 1 ¾ in circumference. The head is a little over 1 ¼ inches long and the circumference ranges from 4 inches at its largest (the bottom of the head) to 2 ¾ at its smallest (the top of the head) due to its ribbed texture.

At the bottom of the toy there’s an opening for the insertion for the two AAA batteries that it takes to operate the toy. Simply pull the cover off and insert the batteries. No big issue there. Remember to take the batteries out before storing to prolong the life of the batteries!

About ¾ of the way up the curved handle is a button made of the same TPR material that the head and swivel material is made from. The body is ABS plastic. Cleaning is fairly easy, you can use warm water and an antibacterial soap, toy cleaners, and wipes will also do the job well. Don’t submerge the Scintillation as it isn’t waterproof.

The handle of the Scintillation is black with purple swirly designs on it, matching the purple head. I think Cal Exotics carries this product in pink as well.

The Divine Scintillation has three speeds, all of which are loud. Unfortunately, once you turn it on, you have to scroll through all the vibrations in order to turn the thing off. Here’s the BIG problem, though. It doesn’t matter HOW powerful this toy is. That wonderful swivel head totally cancels out everything. As soon as you touch this thing to your clit or any other part of your body, it gives. You can’t apply any pressure because the head is so sensitive to movement. Fail.

Scale of 1-5

Noise – 4

Let’s face it, this sucker is loud. It has three speeds – loud, louder, and loudest. I’ll bet my neighbors thought I was mowing my lawn when I was testing this sucker out.

Vibrations – 2

I can’t really feel them! Damn that swiveled head!


This is one that I’d leave behind. It’s loud. I can’t apply it to any part of my body because the head is so damn bendy, and the material is porous. I need something more body-safe, more powerful, and quieter. Sorry guys. I wish I had better news about this one, Guys.

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Dec 112012

Mia. This is one of those; put in your purse; it locks; nobody knows about; you snatch out and go at it in the bathroom and take dirty pictures for someone. –Too much? So I’m sitting here watching this clitoral vibe blinking while it’s sucking its coochie vibe’n power out of my laptop. It takes an hour, by the way, for the white LED light to stop blinking and glow steady. That means that it’s charged. There’s a silicone plus and minus signs, one on top of the other. The LED light is between them. When Mia’s battery runs low, it’ll blink red. You know, if caught, you could actually just say that you don’t want to forget your USB drive, so you hide it in your coochie.

If you need to power off instantly, then hold down the minus button down.  Directions are fairly easy to understand when it comes to power. Up is more and down is less. The vibrations get some decent intensity. I’m thrilled with it- and little more than MiMi can do that these days. Here’s where I think that LELO could have saved their money and just made this one a Hitachi in your panties.

If you’ve got Mia going at her max, holding the plus button for two seconds will send Miainto patterns. They are a bit difficult to find your way out of and around, but some pulses and rollercoastering wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to scroll through everything to get to them. I’m usually a “keep it at the top speed” kinda girl, anyway.

It comes with an USB extension, so it doesn’t have to be stuck right into your laptop. It also comes with a warranty, a black, silk storage bag, and the information packet, all wrapped nicely in LELO’s basic black box. Tie a big, red, silk bow around that box and you’ve got a sexy gift!

With Mia’s lid on, it is 4.5 inches long. With an about 2 ¾ circumference at its fattest, she’s a small, discreet clitoral vibrator with enough power to get me off. I likey.

Mia cleans up nice too. Antibacterial soap and water is the easiest way to go. Since she’s plastic, but not submergible or waterproof, just take it easy with the lid and getting any water near the USB port. You can also use a 10% bleach solution.

I’ve had Mia in my purse and pulled her out on a visit to the bathroom. I can get a quick orgasm with her, even if there is a crazy or two peeking through the space where the stall door meets the wall. Hey, if they want the show – who am I to deny them?

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I also used my Mia to enter in Toy With Me Tuesday! Check out my entry and use the link to find others!

Dec 082012

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Nov 052012

Everyone knows by now, I love the shiny stuff! When Sportsheets put out the Sex & Mischief necklace, I wanted it. It’s blingy, silver, and it has the “S&M” initials – which is great for my naughty little self.

The necklace comes in a small, black organza bag. There’s a little, white tag on it that describes the item as “Sex & Mischief Silver Necklace.” The item material is chrome platted copper with a silver color. With this information, I’m fairly positive that the necklace will turn or tarnish after a certain length of wear. It might also bother those who break out if they are only supposed to wear sterling silver.

All of those unfortunate things aside, the necklace is really cute, though. It’s an 18 inch box chain necklace. The adornment is something like I’ve never seen before, and I actually make a little bit of jewelry. It looks as if it’s been made so that you can add additional links or charms to it. Two spring-ring clasps attach the chain to either side of the slide. The box chain then closes with a lobster clasp behind the neck.

All three charms: the S, the ampersand, and the M, have just a bit of wiggle room while on the slide. The charms are each covered in diamond-esque stones. Each charm is about ½ inch long and ½ inch wide. This explains the wiggle room, considering that the slide itself is actually 1 ½ inches long but only ¼ of an inch long. The slide actually curves upwards, ever so gently – one might not even notice it. I barely did, and only with the charms off.

As for maintaining it, I’d wipe it down gently and keep it as dry as possible. The little pouch that it came in is nice for storage or for a gift. Personally, I think it’s adorable, my only concern is how well it’s going to hold up.

I’ve got some pictures to show the size of the charms, and if you’ll look closely, the different types of clasps as well. Of course, there’s a picture of me wearing it.

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